Thursday, July 26, 2007

NEW FRIENDS!! The Asociación K’aslimaal has been super busy the last four years, and more than one member has said… “We could use some help on this”. This month, a group of old friends formed a local civic committee called ‘AMIGOS DEL HOSPITALITO’. Twenty-five men from the village, many of whom volunteered in 2004 to paint the old hospital in Panabaj, are now working on a new project in the community. The project is called ‘Un Block para tu Salud’ (A block for your health!). The group is visiting schools and churches encouraging individuals and organizations to purchase the blocks used for the construction of the new Hospitalito Atitlán. In this photo, the group is presenting their plan to the Directors of all the schools in Santiago Atitlán.

FERIA 2007 - Every year on July 25, Santiago Atitlán celebrates it’s Patron Saints Day. The celebration goes on for several days, and can best be described as a county fair. There is a queen competition, swimming and dug out canoe races, food, processions, lots of fireworks, and marimba music in the park. In the foreground of this photo, a group is performing the dance of the conquistadors. Ferris wheels of different sizes are set up in front of the nearly 500 year old Catholic Church. On this date, in this church, a mass and wedding ceremony is performed for all of the young Catholic couples. It was ¡Muy Alegre! (A lot of fun!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

GeoTechincal engineer Noe Sapon took soil samples July 20th, at the land where construction will begin on the new Hospitalito. Architects David Schele and Molly Molander requested that samples be taken from four holes each a meter and a half deep (five feet). Contractor Juan Ratzan, Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc and Engineer Sapon are photographed at the test location. The soil samples were taken to a testing lab for analysis and the results will be delivered in ten days.

Friday, July 20, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for a K’aslimaal Board member, Diego Chichom Ramirez and his wife Concepción. On July 16 at 8 PM, Concepción gave birth to a beautiful daughter at Hospitalito Atilán, their first child. Diego is a City alderman and Commissioner of the Environment, he joined the Comité K’aslimaal in January 2004. Many would not recognize Diego out of traje. He is always seen in the traditional dress; the knee length white pants with purple stripes (called Skov) a western style shirt and a white cowboy hat. We are very happy for all of them.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ailsa came to Santiago Atitlán with a friend who sponsors a baby through Puebloapueblo’s “Mother Infant Sponsorship Program” (read the article on this blog -Meeting Ana for the First time). During Ailsa’s visit she saw that money was needed to build a new Hospital and as soon as she returned home she made a new album that contains a song written for Elena, the mother of the sponsored baby.
Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to help built the new Hospitalito!!!
You can hear samples of the songs and also buy her CD (and help support the construction of the Hospitalito) at
Thank you Ailsa for your work and your great idea to fundraise for the Hospitalito!!!

Considering the Mother/Infant sponsorship? What a wonderful way to help an individual, family and ultimately the community! I had the great fortune to able to attend one of the monthly mother/infant meetings held at Hospitalito Atitlan. The primary focus of this meeting was nutrition and your diet during pregnancy. A qualified health care provider emphasized the importance of the mother's diet during pregnancy and it's impact on the health of their unborn child. The group of assembled mothers and their families were so heartwarming. It was a delight to meet the mother's that my church sponsored and know that their health would be impacted my this program.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


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The women from the Mother Infant Program at the Hospitalito where lucky to have volunteer Irene O’Hayer with them at their monthly meeting. Irene, a nutritionist from Rhode Island, told us which food products have proteins, vitamins, fiber and many other properties. After her talk many questions where answered. From now on, all the people present at the meeting should know that if rice and beans go together… our health gets better!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June 29th, GUATEMALAN TIES visits Hospitaltio Atitlán. The Ties Program arranges Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys for parents and their adopted children to the country of their children’s birth. A large group, with children in age from five to fifteen, brought donations and learned about the work at the Hospitalito. For many of the children this was their first trip to Guatemala since they left as infants. The group had many questions and left much needed donations. In this photo Dra. Leah and Maria Elena Whitlock pose in front of their donation. Thanks to all of you!