Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back in Boston

I’m back in Boston, sorting through my photographs and remembering the unbelievably wonderful two weeks which I just spent volunteering at the Hospitalito. I felt truly privileged to serve the wonderful Atitecos; the beautiful children and their grateful parents will live in my heart always.

For those reading this and considering coming to Santiago, don’t think twice; the Hospitalito needs you and all you can give will be more than reciprocated by what you will gain educationally and emotionally. My only consolation in leaving was the knowledge that I’d return.
-Dr. Rob Meyer

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


María and Andrea, mother and daughter, cook every day a nice hot and nutritious lunch for more than 500 students at the Panabaj School. The Lunch Program from Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc. started last year 2006 after the nowadays temporary Panabaj School reopened its doors to all the children from Panabaj, a neighborhood of Santiago Atitlán deeply affected by the mudslides from October 2005.

This year the Lunch Program continues thanks to the efforts and solidarity of the Agostino Foundation from New York who issued a challenge grant and the Sister City of Santiago Atitlán in Vashon Island that held a concert to raise funds.

Thank you to all the people who made that the Lunch Program continues feeding many students!

Montse Deu.
Benefits Coordinator.
Pueblo a Pueblo.


María y Andrea, madre e hija, cocinan cada día un estupendo, caliente y nutritivo almuerzo para los más de 500 estudiantes de la Escuela de Panabaj. El Programa de Almuerzo de Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc. empezó el año pasado 2006 después de que la actual Escuela temporal de Panabaj reabriera sus puertas a los niños de Panabaj, una vecindad de Santiago Atitlán fuertemente afectada por los deslaves ocurridos en Octubre del 2005.

Este año el Programa de Almuerzos continúa gracias a los esfuerzos y solidaridad de la Fundación Agostino de Nueva York quien se propuso una donación – reto y también gracias a la Ciudad Hermanada con Santiago Atitlán en Vashon Island que organizaron un concierto para recaudar fondos.

¡Gracias a todos los que han hecho posible que el Programa de Almuerzos continúe alimentando muchos estudiantes!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Charter members of the ATITLAN BASS CLUB, John Barry, Michael Dickey and Martin Chif present a donation to Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc and board treasurer Lyn Dickey. The first annual Torneo de Pesca (fishing tournament) was held March 17th and 18th. Club members plan to make the tournament an annual event.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

From The Ground Up!
April 20th, 2007 - The members of the Commission of Construction of theboard of directors did a site visit today, where the new medical storage building is out of the ground! Builder Juan Ratzan, Panajacel architect Molly Molander and US architect David Schele are working together to answer questions and solve problems. The internet is an amazing thing.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The rains began early this year. Usually the processions of Semana Santa(Holy Week) are completed before the rainy season begins. This year it began to rain on Holy Monday, and hard rains continued every afternoon that followed. By Friday morning, everyone was worried that Good Friday’sactivities would be spoiled by more rain. It was rumored that the village rainmakers met in the caves above town where they prayed to ask that Good Friday be rain free… and their prayers were answered. In this photo, workis on progress on one of hundreds of images created out of colored sawdust along the procession route. The procession begins at 4 PM and continues thru the night. Antonio Chichom of Hospitalito Atitlán was one of many young men who worked long hours to create this work of art that was passed over by those carrying Christ in the coffin at 6 AM on Saturday morning.The designs are usually of Christian theme, of fruit and flowers, birds orMayan iconography. There are many activities during Semana Santa and it is said that Holy Week in Guatemala is the most photographed event in the world. It is amazing.