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The children in Panabaj school do not have money to purchase school books. The school relies on photocopies of exercise, worksheets and other materials to provide the children with the information needed to learn.

The teachers at the Panabaj School won’t have to worry any more about getting money to photocopy exercises and exams. This is all THANKS to Annalisa’s fundraising idea!!! Annalisa, a typical teenage girl from New Hampshire who was born in Guatemala celebrated her ‘quinceañera’ (15th birthday) and decided to use this as an opportunity to do something truly altruistic. She asked her birthday guests not to buy presents for her, but instead to make a donation to the Panabaj School .

When Carolyn, Annalisa’s mother, contacted Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc. explaining their wish to donate to the Panabaj School we discussed several options and jointly decided to use the gift to purchase a photocopier.

It has taken some time to coordinate everything but Annalisa’s dream has come true! The Panabaj School Teachers were pleased as peaches when they saw the machine arriving and couldn’t stop telling Montse (Pueblo a Pueblo’s sponsorship coordinator) to please thank Annalisa in their names.

The photocopy/scanner/printer machine has been placed in the only secure room the school has. Unfortunately, the Panabaj School is still in a temporary location with classrooms made out of plywood.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Annalisa for her dream. We at Pueblo a Pueblo feel honored to have been able to be a bridge for this endeavor. May Annalisa’s fundraising idea be an inspiration for those who wish to empower less fortunate individuals one person at a time!