Monday, February 25, 2008

Record patient day --

Mondays are always busy at Hospitalito Atitlán, but February 18th broke all records with 65 patients seeking consultations. The waiting area was packed with people standing in every available space. Let's get the new hospital built!!

Thanks Everyone for Everything!!
(Letter home from a volunteer medical student, here with her 11 year-old daughter Lucy)
Dear friends and family,
Thanks for your help, your donations and your friendship. Everything that we sent to Hosptialito Atitlán arrived and will benefit the Atiteco people. I like it so much being here, at times I think of not returning to the US. Generally speaking, there is little in medical attention for the poor in Guatemala, and the government appears to give very little assistance. In a country where government hospitals are in poor condition in general and scientifically, the Hospitalito is leaving a mark of quality; with high technical ability, friendly service with intelligent and dignified care. I believe that we are leaving a very good example here and I intend to return to volunteer again in the future.

Until later,

Lisa E. Goldman

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Staff Receive Free English Lessons

English lessons are offered during the month of February for Hospitalito staff by Volunteer Elizabeth Wright, who meets with students in the cocina during their lunch hour each weekday. Students are learning basic phrases that they might use in their daily interactions with the volunteers at the Hospitalito. Most of these "students" already speak 2 other languages, so their efforts to learn to speak a third language are really appreciated! Some of the students are pictured here, from the left: Elias, Ana, Flor, Maria, Pedro, Antonio, Rosalia, and Maria Elena.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Medical Volunteers at the Hospital

Maria LaPlante, Melanie Greenman, Andrew Patterson and Patricia Clayton

CONSTRUCTION COMMISSION members met with the architect on February 9th to discuss recommendations made by the Public Health Department. Volunteer Naoimh McElroy, from Ireland, is working on the medical equipment list required by the Minesterio de Salud. From left to right, K'aslimaal member Juan Tziná, Naoimh McElroy, volunteer architect Molly Molander, and board president Francisco Sojuel. Francisco serves on the board of CONADI, the national council for the attention of the handicapped, and brought to the meeting a book outlining the recommendations for accessibility that is waiting approval in congress.

Asociación K'aslimaal members gave recognition to our Rotarian friends at a special meeting on Saturday. Pictured are Linda Rosita, Kenneth Wood, director of Pueblo a pueblo, Karin Bergstresser, K'aslimaal secretary, Dr. Fernando Leiva, Mario Rosito, K'aslimaal's president Francisco Sojuel, treasurer, Lyn DIckey, and VP, Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc. Dr. Leiva, a surgeon from Guatemala City, volunteers every six weeks to perform elective surgeries.