Sunday, April 13, 2008

Atitlán Bass Club
April 11th was the start of the three-day Atitlán Bass Club Fishing Tournament. Proceeds from the second annual Torneo de Pesca will go to the construction fund for the new Hospitalito Atitlán. In the photo, tournament organizers Allen Stern and Martin Chif present a check for Q5,000 to K’aslimaal secretary Karina Gezelius. Thanks to all of the supporters that made the event possible, the Posada de Santiago, Guatemala Sport Fishing, CEFESA True Value, Martin’s Bait Shop, Pesqueros, El Horno, Naviera Perez, Crossroads Café, Sailfishing PanaMax, Pana Super, Restaurante El Patio, Pesca Deportiva, Suzuki Marine, Texaco Panajachel and Fotos Vinicio

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Volunteer carpenters are always needed and appreciated!
Michael Dickey was called to service at the Hospitalito when the medical records shelving began to fall. Nyla the receptionist was afraid of being buried under a cascade of patient files. It takes all kinds of labor to make a hospital work, and Michael has also been the financial support for his wife Lyn, a long term volunteer on the Hospitalito’s board of directors.

It was an interesting and delicious lunch at the Resaturante Pescador with representatives of the University of Pennsylvania. The group visited Guatemala for a week to investigate the possibility of expanding their Global Health programs. In Santiago Atitlán they met with the mayor, the Health Department, rescue workers, and the Hospitalito. In this photo,. Dr. Kent Bream (left to right) who has been bringing U Penn students to Atitlán as part of Penn’s Guatemalan Health Initiative, Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc, medical volunteers from Boston; Pediatrician Rob Meyer, Bill Soares, Jenniger Jargi, HA board secretary Karina Gezelius, and from U Penn, Kara, Dr. Bryan Strom Dr. Charlie Branas. Not pictured is Dr. Steve Larson from the University of Pennsylvania.