Monday, July 28, 2008

Forrest Wells, is the 17 year-old son of Dr. Steve Wells and Dra. Mary Cutler, who volunteered at Hospitalito Atitlán for more than a month. Forrest had a great time in Santiago Atitlán while completing a project for his senior high school class in Ashland, Oregon. His job was to interview all of the organizations in the village that accept volunteers and compile a report that listed contact information, days and hours they need volunteers, kinds of volunteers, etc. As a result, Forrest now knows almost everyone in town. He also spent a few days volunteering with each organization. The old women at the “Centro por Ancianos”, called him Bosque, Spanish for forest!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

-Letter from Dr. Wells -

Hospitalito's maternal child health program has been working with the local birth attendants to improve obstetric care in the community. During my month here doing obstetrics I've seen both the results of their work and areas where the work needs to go on.

A few weeks ago one of the "comadronas" brought in a patient in labor because the comadrona felt that the patient was not in a vertex presentation. The patient had not received prenatal care through the Hospitalito, but the comadrona had been trained to check position and bring in non-vertex patients. Ultrasound confirmed that the baby was in a breech position, and in fact had a very advanced case of hydrocephalus. The woman was having preterm contractions, but was not actually in labor. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for the baby, but we were able to help the woman and her family plan for this difficult birth.

Last week we took care of a patient who did not get transferred to us at an appropriate time. She had been laboring at home, pushing for 8 hours and had not urinated for 12 hours. Dra. Susanna (the Guatemalan staff physician) appropriately placed a foley catheter and ruptured
the membranes, diagnosing both urinary retention and meconium-stained amniotic fluid. She then promptly called me and together with the auxiliary nurse and medical student we made an attempt at resuscitating the baby inside the uterus. When it became clear that the baby was stressed and not improving with our interventions, I decided to do a cesarean section. Dr. Chuc came in and promptly put in a spinal anesthetic, the crew was also prompt and competent, and we were able to deliver a healthy though stressed baby that had the cord wrapped tightly around its neck twice. Susanna easily resuscitated the baby, and both are now home and healthy.

Steven Wells MD

VOLUNTEERING --- the Cutler-Wells family

When Dr. Steve Wells and Dra. Mary Cutler of Ashland Oregon, decided to volunteer for six weeks at Hospitalito Atitlán this summer, they also brought their two teenage children to study Spanish and work in the community. Their lovely daughter Emma prepared packs of clothes for newborns, and here she is pictured in the patient shower to which she just added a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to a great family... (look for a story soon about the great job their son Forest took on while here.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GUESS WHO visited the Hospitalito yesterday bringing a mother and her children for check-ups!

Friday, July 11, 2008

¡Bienvenidos ORIOL!
Congratulations Montse and Xelani!

Everyone involved with Pueblo a pueblo's Maternal Infant and the Panabaj School Sponsorship programs knows Montse the benefits coordinator, and the fabulous work that she does for the mothers, babies and students. On the June 3rd, Montse gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. HIs name, Oriol, is a family name from Montse's home in Catalonia. Everyone is thrilled with the new addition to the community.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dr. Kevin Brogan of County Kilkenny in Ireland, visited with his wife and six year-old son Cormac, Dr. Kevin and his wife Siobhan raised a donation of $1526.40 at a small dinner party in their home where they showed photographs of Guatemala. Here Dr. Kevin presents Dr. Chuc and K’aslimaal treasurer Lyn Dickey with the check. We hope that Dr. Kevin will consider returning to volunteer!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Manuel Ramirez Lacán, pastor of Bethel Church in Santiago Atitlán, presents Hospitalito board treasurer Lyn Dickey with a check for Q820. that will go towards construction of the new hospital. Manuel says that his church hopes to make additional donations in the future.