Thursday, May 08, 2008

Professionalizing Hospitalito Atitlán
Vicenta Fidelina Chavajay Cortez, (called “Chenta”) from San Pedro la Laguna, is 29 years old and has been working with NGOs for many years. She graduated as a home economics teacher in 1998; and in October of 2006 received her diploma in Social Work from the University Rafeal Landivar.
Chenta brings lots of experience in community work: in addition to teaching, she worked as a loan officer/educator for five years for Friendship Bridge, a micro-credit program.
Chenta left Mankatitlán Municipal Democracy Project to come to work at Hospitalito Atitlán because it offers the opportunity to directly practice her chosen profession, Social Work, and to continue to work to support the Tz’tujil communities. She and Chonita Mendoza will share an office, and work together in many areas.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Great Nurses… Great Cooks!
Four young student nurses completed their practicum at the Hospitalito this week, and celebrated their term by preparing a lunch for all the employees. The young Atitlanecos worked hard and learned a lot from our staff and the medical volunteers. Hopefully when they graduate, some of them will return as employees. Apart from their nursing abilities, we know that they can cook! They prepared pulik and suban with a delicious ik. In other words, they made a chicken vegetable and rice soup in a tomato mint sauce, tamales, and hot sauce. The delicious lunch was greatly appreciated by the staff and volunteers.