Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pediatras Españolas

Dra. Barbara Hernandez and Dra. Nieves Domingu, fourth year residents in Pediatrics from Madrid spent a month at HA, and their contribution was great. Dr. Chuc saw this as an opportunity to bring all of the students in the Pueblo a Pueblo Panabaj school sponsorship program to HA for health check-ups. A 14-year old girl was detected to be severely malnourished and to be suffering from Tuberculosis. Her treatment has begun.
Several months ago, Obstetrician Dr. John Nelson of Logan Utah, diagnosed a problem with a young pregnant mother. Using ultrasound, he detected that her baby had hydrocephalus. When born, the family made the decision to take the baby home, expecting that he would not survive. After a month passed, they returned to HA, and in a meeting with HA administration, Dra. Barbara and Dra. Nieves decided to help with expenses for a lengthy stay at the National Hospital in the capital. Social worker Vicenta Chavajay traveled to Guatemala City with the parents and baby. We hope the best for this small family, but their experience will be challenging because the parents do not speak Spanish, and the nurses and doctors will not speak Tz’tujil. The need is great in Santiago Atitlán for all types of specialists as well as OB, ER family practice and surgeons.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Birdchaser: Bird Lore from Santiago Atitlan, the House of Birds

Here's an interesting Blog about our beloved Santiago!

The Birdchaser: Bird Lore from Santiago Atitlan, the House of Birds

Friday, September 12, 2008

Acupuncture Wednesday at Hospitalito Atitlán
Every Wednesday, the patients line up early in the education room to see acupuncturist Christian Nix, who has traveled from his clinic in San Marcos la Laguna to see those who are looking for an alternative treatment for their health problems. And MANY are lining up!
This week two additional acupuncture practitioners arrived from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, founded by repeat HA volunteer Tyler Robinson’s father.
Thanks to Christian, and the all the volunteers for making the acupuncture treatment day an option for the Atitecos. Everyone appreciates their efforts.

Starbucks had a coffee sales contest and the prize was a trip to Guatemala. The ten lucky baristas came to learn about the companies social responsibility projects that benefit the coffee growers and producers. Here are the winners who won the trips to Guatemala at the site of the construction of the new Hospitalito… the other lucky winner. Hospitalito Atitlán continues to receive funds from Starbucks for construction.