Monday, March 30, 2009

Evelyn’s Basket of Love and Life

Jane Bartel and Susan Moretz of North Carolina surprised HA when they came to visit and delivered Evelyn’s Baskets of Love and Life. Jane’s baby granddaughter Evelyn was born with a cleft palette. The team that worked to correct baby Evelyn’s mouth included a Guatemalan surgeon Dr. Figueroa. In the course of recovery, Dr. Figueroa told Jane that sadly many Guatemalan babies born with cleft palates die of starvation, because of their inability to nurse. As baby Evelyn grew, Jane thought about the families with little to offer their new babies.

Jane decided to make a difference in their lives and offer hope to the families. She works with Felix Santizo, of San Lucas Tolimán, and has helped Guatemalan families and their babies with their operations and recovery. Evelyn’s Baskets contain a breast pump, two specially designed bottles with nipples that are meant for newborns with cleft palettes, two less expensive bottles that will adapt to the special nipples, two tea towels and detergent, so that the bottles are kept clean. There is also a book of photos of newborn babies before their surgery, and later when they are recovered. The Baskets are meant to give HOPE to the families. The photos were amazing.

When Dra. Suzana told the women of a baby born at HA in late December who had not gained weight so that he could have his first surgery, Jane wanted to meet the family and deliver the Basket herself. Social workers, Chonita and Chenta, and Kathy Roach accompanied the women to visit the family in Panabaj. Because the baby could never nurse, the mother can no longer breastfeed, so Jane purchased formula for three months.

Jane also left an Evelyn’s Basket at Hospitalito Atitlán with the instructions to call Felix in San Lucas when a baby with cleft palette is born. Felix will come to talk with the family and help them through the first difficult days of using the new baby bottles.

Thank all of you for you inspiring work which makes a huge difference in the lives of so many familes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It has been more than a week since we enjoyed the ATITLÁN MUSIC FESTIVAL and we still haven’t recovered!

Roberto Luz and his family work hard during the whole year, and especially the days before the event, to organize FESTIVAL ATITLÁN as a benefit for the Hospitalito Atitlan.

Pueblo a Pueblo wants to thank them for the amazing work and the amazing Festival, which keeps on becoming more popular year after year.

Apart from having fun we also took the opportunity to present our Programs to the public. At the NGO’s area Pueblo a Pueblo sold gourmet chocolates and chocolate bars. The sales weren’t big but the idea was to attract attention and awareness to our Programs. K’aslimaal organized a successful raffle with many prizes and a silent auction. The Hospitalito DVD was shown to whoever had interest, raising awareness towards the New Hospitalito’s construction.

Once more, THANK YOU for this local fundraising event benefiting the Hospitalito!!!!

If you are reading this blog post and haven’t attended at least one Atitlán Music Festival you MUST come next year!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


March has been a very special month for Josefa , Julia Elisabeth and Victor, three of the sponsored students from the Panabaj School, as well as for Antonia and her two year old son Juan, an infant in the Pueblo a Pueblo’s Mother Infant Sponsorship. Guess why! Because their sponsors came to meet them!!!

This is an exciting moment for the sponsored children and their families as they get to know the people who have been helping them in their studies and providing free medical care for them at the Hospitalito.

We at Pueblo a Pueblo thank Emily Raymond, Michael Foster, and The United Methodist Church from Crane and West Springfield, the sponsors who gave their sponsored children a day they’ll always remember! Thank you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad of Santiago Atitlan presented Pueblo a Pueblo's new Executive Director, Rosemary Trent, with a commemorative wooden sun. From left to right: Director of the Fire Department: Juan Andres Chiquival Quieju, Rosemary Trent, and Juan Chavajay Sojuel, the Firemen's Treasurer.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I want to apologize to the hard working volunteers from Crane and West Springfield United Methodist Churches in Pennsylvania. In this photo, they look like they are having a picnic! I can assure you that the work they did this week WAS NO PICNIC!!! I am sorry that this is the best photo of their group that I have for the blogalito. THEY WORKED INCREDIBLY HARD! This is the third time that these wonderful people have been to Santiago Atitlán to help with the Hospitalito. In March 2005, they helped prepare for the opening of the Hospitalito in Panabaj. Leroy repaired the sheet rock on the ceiling in the operating room. His wife Laura scrubbed and scrubbed the floors and then waxed them. Cindy painted windows, some of the group made the darkroom in X-ray light tight.... and much more. Last year, when they returned, they worked in the temporary hospital, finishing the new kitchen and working with inventory. This year was the hardest. They moved dirt!! They compacted dirt!! They got extremely dirty and HOT! I promised them that this is the hardest that they will ever work for us! Every year, their church members gather items from the wish list, and the congregation is very generous. They sponsor a student in the Pueblo a pueblo school sponsorship program and a mother and baby in the Maternal Infant program. They also worked with ADISA this visit.

I hope that next year, they can help us get ready to open the new Hospitalito... wouldn't that be WONDERFUL!! Thanks, it was wonderful to see you all again!! Lyn

Fundación Carols F. Novella

A delivery of cement arrived at the construction site FREE OF CHARGE today!! K'aslimaal had applied for a donation from a Guatemala City Foundation created by the founder of the countries largest cement company, Cementos Progressos. Thanks, every bit helps!!

Canadians deliver... BIG time!!

Students from Charles P Allen High school in Nova Scotia visited the Hospitalito today. They arrived loaded with donations!! Their group is visiting several organizations while they are in Guatemala. It was a pleasure to meet them.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Physician Volunteers -- March 2009

Obstetrician Patricia Lledó Weber from Madrid is greatly appreciated at the Hospitalito. She is volunteering her services to the women of Atitlán for three months. In the photo, Patricia and Dr. Rob Meyer, a Boston pediatrician, pose with the grandmother, the happy father and his brand new son. The new baby boy is about to receive his first check-up, while Mom rests.  People familiar with Santiago Atitlán may recognize, Salvador, the proud father, who works as a waiter at the popular Restaurante Pescador in the center of town.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Some of the families from Panabaj who lost their homes during Tropical Storm Stan in 2005 started 2009 in a new home! The local government had given them the land and the families had to help build their own homes in Chukumuk, an area outside of Santiago, but away from the mudslide risk zone. Many others are still living in shelters or in their old homes situated in a high risk zone. The reasons vary; some of them can’t afford the materials they need to start their new house, and others are still waiting for the local authorities to assign them with a piece of land.

This has changed the reality for some of the sponsored students. The 2nd of February, the sponsored students who now live in the Chukumuk neighborhood started the School Year at a building situated in the same neighborhood. The Provisional Chukumuk School is for now an Annex to the Panabaj School. It opened its doors this year with 197 students.

The building of the Provisional Chukumuk School is not finished completely as its walls are pure block without plaster, the floor is rough cement, the electricity is inefficient, and water is scarce. The building wasn’t meant to be a school so its classrooms are small with little natural light.

Despite all these deficiencies, the need to have a school in Chukumuk was urgent. Chukumuk is quite far from downtown Santiago, and it is even farther from Panabaj. The educational authorities faced a serious drop in school attendance if they didn’t have a school in Chukumuk because the families don’t have the resources to pay transportation for their children to go to study in town or to continue going to the Panabaj School.

Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc. is continuing to work hard to increase sponsorship coverage so we can benefit individual students and their families and also the whole school. They need our help now more than ever as there are two sections, the Main Panabaj School, which continues in a provisional building with plywood walls, and the Provisional Chukumuk School, which needs to improve in many ways to be able to offer a good education to its students.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Education/Health Sponsorship please visit To Make a One Time donation in support of this program Click here.

I want to become a SPONSOR.

Monday, March 02, 2009

45.6% of Guatemalan Children Manourished

Guatemala City (IANS): Nearly half of Guatemala's children suffer from chronic malnutrition and their physical growth falls below the average established by the World Health Organisation (WHO), according to a study.

The study carried out by the education and health ministries found that 45.6 percent of Guatemalan children suffer from chronic malnutrition, EFE reported.

To read the whole story please click below.