Friday, June 22, 2007

ANOTHER CONSULTATION ROOM was paid for today! Asociación K’aslimaal treasurer Lyn Dickey accepts a check from Susana Carey, long time Santiago Atitlán resident. After Stan, Susana’s friends in Canada raised funds to help the community. They thought a long time to determine how their donation would best serve their Atiteco friends. ‘Many people will use a consultation room for many many years’ they decided. A plaque on the door to the room will say, “Donado por sus Amigos Canadiense”.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Big POUR.

June 20th, 2007. The concrete roof was poured on the new Medical storage building today. Contractor Juan Ratzan hired a group of 40 men that started the day at 3 AM, to hand mix cement and pass it to the roof in a bucket brigade. Board members arrived at noon, to see the progress. All were impressed with Juan’s use of bamboo instead of freshly cut timber from the volcano to support the forms for the roof. Traditionally, the contractor serves a big lunch at the end of the long workday. Juan’s lunch was exceptional. He hired a local family to grill beef and roast tomatoes for chirmol. He served a salad of cucumbers and radishes with lime sauce, rice with veggies, a large avocado slice, mounds of fresh tortillas, and super hot chili sauce, plus lots of cold bottled sodas. In fifteen days, after the cement cures, the bamboo will be removed, and the finishing work will begin inside. The pour is a major accomplishment in the work schedule.

New Ultrasound!

Thanks to UNKNOWN donors, the Hospitalito has received an excellent Ultrasound machine! The machine arrived early this year but it took some work to create a good location for its use. WHOEVER YOU ARE… THANK YOU! The physicians and patients are very happy! Also thanks to the young Mom who agreed to be part of this photograph.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dr. Kent Bream of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Family Medicine hands a check for a $2000 donation to Hospitalito Atitlán to board president Francisco Sojuel, and Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc. For three years, Dr. Bream and students from U. Penn have partnered with Asociación K’aslimaal to support the health priorities of the community through education, research and clinical care. The funds are to be used for construction of the permanent Hospitalito Atitlán. Thank You to the University of Pennsylvania!

Hospitalito Atitlán receives Health Ministry Authorization. The application process to open a full service Hospital began in 2004, with meetings with the chief of the State Health Department, Dr. OliverMartinez. Board members began with the application for legal status, Asociación K’aslimaal, and submitting architectural drawings of the Panabaj facility. After the mudslide, architectural plans for the temporary hospital needed to be prepared. When Dr. Chuc began as director,the authorization became his priority and he met frequently with Dr.Chumil of the local Health Department. A recent meeting with the area director put the authorization on the fast track, still it was believed itcould take up to three months. On June 6th, in three weeks, Hospitalito Atitlán received the necessary paperwork valid until June 2012. Thiscertificate from the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, paves the way for fulluse of the operating room including specialty surgeries performed by approved visiting physicians. A special celebration luncheon was held. In this photo, Dr Chuc is presenting the certificate to Jose Reanda,Hospitalito Atitlán's administrator.The Architectural plans for the permanent facility in Xutchaj will soon beon their way to the National Health Department and the Department of the Environment for approval.