Friday, October 31, 2008

Fundación Quiron

Soon after Alexandra Martinez Sylvia Gonzalez arrived to volunteer for a month at HA, the Spanish Obstetricians asked the foundation at the hospital where they work to send a donation. It took a long time for the money transfer from Madrid to Santiago Atitlán, and they didn't get to see how their funds were spent. Here are Dra. Suzana, Head of nursing Felipa, and Dr. Chuc, to say THANK YOU for the generous donation. The money was used to purchase an EKG machine, a fetal monitor and three treatment tables.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Architect Molly Molander of Panajachel talks with Atitlaneco stone mason Antonio Quieju about his beautiful work on the retaining wall for the parking area for the new hospital.

Almost everyone was there to thank Evelyn Chang when she left, it was a staff meeting on her last day. Evelyn and her friend Eileen arrived from Boston to volunteer at the Hospitalito. She also helped K'aslimaal members with editing some text, which was greatly appreciated. Thank you Evelyn and we hope that you return.

Marin County Guatemala Mission

A huge thank you to Bill Cuneo, President of the Marin County Guatemala Mission, and his friends at St. Rita Church in Fairfax California who sent a container of medical supplies, tables and kitchen supplies, and 6000 gallons of paint for the new hospital. The donations was delivered to the Madre ana Maria Chavajay in Patzun, two hours away on incredibly windy mountain road. Hospitalito Administrator Jose Reanda and Director, Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc really got a work out loading the 5 gallon buckets of paint onto the truck.

We are thrilled with this generous donation from our friends in Marin County. Mitiox!

Hospitalito Basketball

We have added these fotos of the Hospitalito's Friday afternoon basketball games, in hopes to entice Dr. Mark Lepore or Dr. Jerry Noah to return.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Anyone who has been a volunteer at Hospitalito Atitlán in the past year has had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Seiver from Australia. Nicole, a supply chain contractor, has done an extraordinary job at organizing inventory… often considered a thankless job. BUT, if you happened to work on inventory with Nicole, it became clear JUST HOW MUCH FUN IT COULD BE!!
We are sorry to loose Nicole, but happy for her new employer, OXFAM. In the event of future disasters, she will be the one to see that the resources are available and that they get to the areas where they are needed. Nicole will be living and working in cold dreary Oxford, England. We wish her the best!


All the members from the Mother – Infant Healthcare Sponsorship have regular well-baby check ups, the frequency depend on the infant’s age. In September volunteer pediatricians from Spain examined more than one hundred children among them were the sponsored children from the Panabaj School.